Setting Up Your Business

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You might be thinking, "Set up my business??? I'm not a business owner, I'm an artist!"

Well here are the hard facts:

  • 50% of all salon workers are self-employed
  • 90% of all entertainment hair and makeup artists are sub-contract workers
  • If you are a sub-contractor the goverment veiws you as an independent business owner, aka a sole proprietorship of your own business

Pearls of Wisdom:

Learn to run your freelance business like a real business

  • It will save you time
  • It will save you money
  • It will get your career going in the right direction a lot faster
  • People you work for will respect you a lot more for your professionalism

So what does running your freelance makeup/ hair career like a business mean???

  • It means you understand what the different business structures are such as a sole proprietorship, an LLC or Limited Liability Company, and a Corporation
  • You have a solid career plan with both long term and short term goals
  • You have a plan for self-promotion
  • You have budget for networking and marketing yourself so you don't debt finance your career
  • You understand what the going rate is for a hair/makeup artist in your area and you negotiate accordingly
  • You have money budgeted each month for inventory or replenishing your kit
  • Your business finances are seperate from your personal (including your credit cards-have seperate business credit cards)
  • You always get a signed deal memo before you start a job
  • You know what the labor laws are governing your area
  • You always invoice on promptly after a job along with a necessary tax form such as a W9

Steps for Starting You Business:


Start your career plan by clicking here          

Set up federal tax ID 

Small Business Loan Resources


  • Some cities may require you to obtain a business license or local tax number so be sure to do your homework for that area.
  • You are required by law to publish your DBA in a local paper for 40 days in order to make your DBA legal.


Stumped or Confused?????
Hire one of our career consultants to help!