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What's Your Time Worth???


Timemoney.jpegGood negotiation happens when you know what you are worth and you are willing to walk away based on principle. Negotiation isn’t just about a dollar amount. It’s putting a value on how much time it will take you to drive to the job, how many people you will have to prep, how much product is being used out of your kit, how much time they are giving you to prep each of the talent, what the talent you are working along side you is being paid, and ultimately how beat up will feel at the end of the day. It’s not about how much you are asking or put some mascara or hairspray on someone. It’s about how much your time and expertise is worth.

Eight Things You Must Ask Before Giving A Rate:

  • What is the medium I am working in? (print, film, commerical, etc)
  • How long of a work day will it be?
  • How many people will I have to work with?
  • Do I get an assistant?
  • Is there a kit fee?
  • How far away is the job?
  • Will I be doing hair, makeup, or both?
  • What kind of budget do you have?

Try to start out high and let them talk you down. But know what the going rate is for your area, the medium you are working in, and your level of experience. A national commerical won't pay the same a local. Be realistic and know you won't get $5000 a day unless your career is at that level and union rates are predetermined by the contract. So do your homework!

Here are a few rate guide lines to follow for larger markets such as New York and Los Angeles. Remember these are only general guidelines and can change depending on the economy and your location.

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