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Stilazzi Bares It All!


Inspire. Innovate. Evolve.

These three simple words are what helped create Stilazzi, one of the pro hair and makeup industry’s leading brands. The founders saw an opportunity that many brands fail to capitalize on - create products inspired by pro artists for use by both artists and consumers. Since Stilazzi began business in 2009, the major focus has been growth of the brand. Each season brings new products, new designs, and expansion throughout the line. The primary goal is to create the highest quality product offered at a reasonable price; while keeping up with current style, design, functionality and the ever-changing world of beauty.

Stilazzi is perhaps best known for its famous professional hair and makeup cases and set bags. Cases like The Godfather, Gone Topless, and The Groupie have made a big impact on the careers of thousands of pro artists. And while black is still the number one artist choice when it comes to cases, people wanted something different. We responded to numerous inquiries by offering our cases in not only black but grey, purple, and pink. After all, and artists career is based on creativity and bringing things to life through color and textures, right? In addition to color, Stilazzi is known for our modular pro case designs. With our cases you can build, add and re-organize easily to adapt to your current situation or project you are working on.

After a fabulous reception by pro artists in the industry, Stilazzi made the leap into offering cosmetics. Last year, keeping inline with its modular approach, Stilazzi created eye shadow and blush refill pans in over 160 custom colors. Since their initial offering, the only real challenge has been keeping them in stock.

Ultra smooth with mega rich color payoff, Stilazzi Matte Shadows has every color you need for any look. Infused with a variety of minerals for supreme blendability and a velvety soft finish. Create a natural smoky eye with our wide range of neutral tones or add a dramatic pop of color with our vivid bright hues.

 Matte tones are always in style but makeup lovers know that no one can resist a perfect pressed pearl shadow.

 “Silky and deeply pigmented, Stilazzi Pearl Shadows are also infused witha variety of minerals for supreme blendability and a velvety soft finish. These gorgeous shades range from soft pearly hues to elegant jewel tones. Apply alone for a glamorous sheen or use with water for a foiled look.

Not to be overshadowed, there are also matte blush refills.

Stilazzi Matte Blushes are perfect for creating a translucent wash of color that lasts all day. Each shade has been formulated to enhance and brighten your skin. Whether youre looking for subtle pinks, bright corals, or deep burgundys, Stilazzi Matte Blushes have it covered.

One of the first products Stilazzi offered was a line of luxurious, natural hair makeup brushes. In an oversaturated brush market, many pros and consumers were left unaware of them. Those who got a chance to use or purchase them however, immediately fell in love. These brushes can go up against the best in the business. The shapes were developed and tested by some of the industry’s most influential artists; each brush style is matched with the right bristle type for that specific design and function.

Perfectly soft, phenomenally rich brushes are universally loved, but Stilazzi saw a need for something more affordable and vegan. In response to this, Stilazzi’s line of synthetic brushes were created. These brushes are soft and smooth, with minimal bristle fallout. An emphasis on quality was stressed to be sure the synthetic line would stand up to the rigors of pro makeup artistry. Stilazzi offers a full line including powder, dual fiber, eye brushes, kubuki styles, and more.

The only thing outpacing Stilazzi’s growth is their desire to continually innovate, and offer solutions to pro artists to help them be better in their craft. Stilazzi is committed to bridge the gap between seasoned professionals and makeup-obsessed consumers. Watch out for Stilazzi as they grow from a cosmetics line to a lifestyle brand! Check out to see the full line!


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