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Illuminate Your Beauty


How many times have you found yourself on location in a room without a light? It seems when it comes to doing makeup on location, the production staff doesn't always take in consideration that you can't do your job in the dark. And sometimes when there is a light, the lighting is not adiquate.

The makeup light provides a practical solution to a common professional problem by creating portable LED lighting you can take with you on any job. LED lights are the future in lighting. Tungsten lights (standard screw-in style) are being legally phased out, Halogen lamps create tons of heat, Fluorescent lamps use many hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process. LED sidesteps all of these issues.  We have spent years researching and testing LED’s to find the correct way to project a high quality light source onto a subject without having the eye irritation of a “bare” LED.  With the advancement of digital technology in film and the advancement of LED’s, we have been able to blend the use of two color temperature bulbs into one crisp white light.

While natural lighting from the Sun is clearly the most beautiful light to apply makeup, we rarely find ourselves able to make the best use of it:  overcast weather, short days, and tall buildings completely inhibit the hope of using sunlight.

The Sun may be the one source of light that lights our world however it changes its color temperature widely. It can go from very cool, like a deep cloudy day, to red and golden like a sunset. We all know that sunset is a beautiful illumination of our faces but those temperatures of light are not the color temperatures we are viewed in most often. Even the flash used in photography is daylight balanced.  A Red Carpet night and a wedding will be captured in many temperatures of light.

As both casual makeup-lovers and professional makeup artists our challenge is to create a flawless face. Whether the look is natural or edgy, choosing the right foundation, blush, or eyeliner is dependent on the color temperature and crispness of light. 

We have all experienced the base color not matching the skin, or a lipstick that seems too harsh when we walk outside. How many times have you wiped your cheeks down, or smoothed under your eye when looking in your car mirror?

We have developed a light source that meets the standard of our clientele and we are proud to present THE MAKEUP LIGHT. At its core is an energy-saving LED Panel of refracted light measuring 4800K with a projection of 5ft and a lumen of 2500. This bright and dimmable panel projects a soft white light on the face with enough crispness to show detail.


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