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So what exactly is an "eco friendly towel"? Easydry is a next-generation, super-absorbent fabric that uses the latest technological innovations in textile design to create luxurious disposable towels and other products that are recyclable and biodegradable and which offer the highest possible levels of hygiene. Made using eco-friendly processes and without the use of chemicals, they provide a sustainable, convenient alternative to cotton towels and the relentless grind of laundering them.

Easydry Founder and CEO Anne Butterly invented what became Easydry towelling system in 2003 while living with six other girls in a flat in Dublin. Fed up with endless piles of soggy, stained towels left by her flatmates after they had coloured their hair, she went looking for an alternative. Surprised to find there wasn't one, she decided to invent her own solution - an absorbent and disposable towel.

A Master’s graduate of one of Ireland’s most prestigious colleges, the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Anne realised that any disposable towel had to be eco-friendly, for business as well as environmental reasons. So she set about developing a product that was robust and affordable, yet with impeccable green credentials. Initially focusing her efforts on the consumer market, she soon realised that towel-dependent businesses, such as hair, beauty and healthcare, were desperate for a disposable product that would save them time and money, without creating an ecological disaster like that of plastic carrier bags.

And now Easydry is delighted to be celebrating ten years of continuous innovation throughout 2015.

This towel is perfect for salons who want an alternative to doing laundry, or hair and makeup artists who are on location without the convenience of a washer for dryer. Most hair and makeup artists end up using paper towels on location. Easy dry is much more friend to the environment than using paper towels because it is created through a process that is more in harmony with nature. Made from wood, Easydry’s advanced organic fibres are derived from wholly renewable sources. The trees that provide our raw material come from sustainable, properly managed forests. They do not use chemical fertilisers or pesticides, artificial irrigation, genetic modification or illegally harvested wood. Their trees are grown on marginal land unsuitable for food crops or human habitation. The consumption of non-renewable energy for synthetic fibre production is about twice as high as for Easydry’s cellulosic (plant) fibres.

Some fibres, such as cotton, use arable land which could be used to feed the growing population. By contrast, the trees used for the production of Easydry fibres are grown on marginal land unsuitable for food crops. The world’s oil reserves will be used up within only a few decades at current consumption rates. The use of oil for the production of synthetic fibres is not a sustainable option. Easydry preserves water resources. Trees do not need artificial irrigation and Easydry towels are produced using a minimum of water (great for California's water crisis). Almost everything on earth needs water to survive and prosper. However, a steady supply of fresh water is not a given these days. We need to handle this scarce resource sustainably to ensure our world is a livable place for future generations. Easydry preserves water resources. On the one hand, the trees used in the production of Easydry fibres do not need artificial irrigation. On the other, Easydry is manufactured with a minimum of water in the production process.

Products made from Easydry preserve the environment since they are completely integrated in nature‘s cycle.

  1. Cellulose from trees is used for the production of Easydry fibres.
  2. In use, Easydry brings the benefits of natural absorbency.
  3. After use, products made from Easydry fibres will fully biodegrade.
  4. Easydry is converted back into pure water and carbon dioxide which are reabsorbed during photosynthesis and converted into cellulose.

What happens to a product after disposal is becoming more and more important for both commercial buyers and consumers, especially when it comes to products for single-use applications.Dispose with a clear conscience - after use, products made from Easydry fibres will fully biodegrade. Easydry fibres decompose within a few weeks. When composted, Easydry fibres are converted back into pure water and carbon dioxide which are reabsorbed during photosynthesis by the next generation of trees - continuing nature's circle. Combustion of Easydry is economical as well as ecological. Air stays clean as incineration of Easydry fibres is CO2-neutral and can be used to generate energy.

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