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Bdellium Tools: The only brushes you'll ever need


Bdellium Tools are designed by a group of talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos, California. Their products are truly handmade; all of our products are custom tailored at our factory by skilled artisans in China. In this way, they can ensure the quality and integrity of each piece.

They have created each brush using a balance of natural and/or synthetic hair to achieve the perfect amount of form and stiffness compatible with the function each brush is designed for. The 7 different product lines have very distinctive features: Maestro Series features a collection of luxurious antibacterial makeup brushes with nickel plated brass ferrules. Green Bambu, Yellow Bambu and Pink Bambu Series features eco-friendly makeup brushes with all sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized aluminum ferrule. Studio and Travel Lines feature antibacterial makeup brushes with the classic 7 layer lacquered yellow handle with an anodized aluminum ferrule. The SFX Series is the makeup brush line that has been custom made for special effects makeup, in all aspects, from sculpting straight through to the application and paintings stages of the makeup.

Their goal is to continually design new, unique and innovative makeup tools. As we design all our own products, we have the ability to develop brand names and/or custom designs for larger clients.

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