How It All Began

NewHMAN_LOGO.jpgIt all began with an idea.......

Several years ago, a young artist called me frustrated. She recently moved to Los Angeles and quickly realized she had no idea how to promote herself. Her school taught her the art of makeup well, but she had no clue on how to start her career. Unfortunately, it was something I could relate to myself.

I started my career in the mid-nineties on the east coast. In 2000, I decided to pack up my apartment and headed west. I left a studio job to take a gamble with Hollywood. It was then that I quickly realized I was going to have to start my career all over again and boy, was it ever maddening! I went from being the department head for three shows on Discovery to working at a makeup counter in a department store. I didn't have any connections, the portfolio I had was not up to speed with this competitive market, and no one wanted to help me. I couldn't help but think, "There has to be an easier way to do this." Every bit of head way I made on my career had come out of pure trial and error. The road was long arduous. It wasn't until I took a sales job where I learned all about the art of self-promotion. I hated the job, but through the experience I learned some valuable skills on business and marketing. One day the light bulb went off and I realized I could apply the same skills I learned working in outside sales to getting myself work as a Makeup Artist. You see, in the marketing world, it doesn't matter what the product because the process will remain the same. You will always be making cold calls, sending out promotional materials, trying to get a meeting, and following up with people after you do. So I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and started promoting myself full time. It was then that I started to get work practicing the art I love.

Because of everything I went through to jump start my career and because of young artists asking for help, I began to piece together a vision I had for self-employed hair and makeup professionals. That vision became The Hair & Makeup Artist Network, "One Resource for All Your Freelance Business Needs." So now, no one will be left to just figure out the business side of their craft. Everything you need is right here at your finger tips.

-Michelle Lee, Ceo of The Hair & Makeup Artist Network

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