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Spring Trends 2014



It’s hard to believe but spring is upon us already. As beauty professionals, knowing the current trends is a huge part of our job. Here are a few tips and insights as what to expect for spring 2014.


This spring/ summer we can expect to see shirts/t-shirts with bold written statements, feminine lace, layering with sheer garments, cropped shirts, wide legged pants, and wide legged cropped pants. Other common themes we can expect to see are bold floral prints and urban cowboy styles.





Men’s hairstyles include the wavy side part, the 1950’s retro pompadour; the side slicked part, curly mop top, and textured long hair.



Women’s hairstyles include “milkmaid” style braids, hair parted to the side, soft flowing waves, and the low ponytail.  Hair accessory styles are dominated by floral styles such at floral hairpins, bohemian flower headbands, and flower barrettes. Another popular hair accessory trend is leather: hair bands, clips, and ties.



Makeup Trends for spring are glowing skin, chic minimal cat-eye makeup, glitter eye makeup, and extreme geometric eye makeup. Lip colors blossom with bright oranges and soft berries. Blue eye shadows are making a come back along with pops of green, and white ethereal eye shadow and liner.



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