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Phenix Salons: The Salon Suite Revolution

Are you looking for an affordable work solution? Do you need a cool hip place to bring your clients to but don't want to rent a chair in someone else's salon? Maybe you should think about renting a salon suite. I'm sure most of you have heard about the salon suite but some of you might not be as familiar with the concept.  Simply put, a Salon Suite is a private mini-salon that a Salon Professional leases for a weekly or monthly rate. It's like renting a chair in a traditional salon - except you get much, much more!!  It's like having a high-end salon - all to yourself!!

Over the past few years, the "Salon Suite" concept has taken the salon industry by storm, and it's easy to see why.  Salon Professionals receive a much better value for their money, and their clients love the private experience that the suite provides. And everyone loves that there is no more "salon drama."  One of the latest and most affordable salon suites to pop up is Phenix and one of most affordable locations is in Glendale.

So how do you know Salon Suite right for you?  We'll let you decide for yourself...here are just some of the benefits of partnering with Phenix Salon Suites in Glendale:

  • One Low Weekly Rate. Your weekly rate includes all utilities, liability insurance, plus WiFi and laundry facilities. There are no hidden fees or expenses, so you can budget your business with certainty, and your low rate is locked in through the end of 2015 (Check out the Suite Availability page for more details).
  • No Long Term Contracts. At Phenix, we don't believe in tying you to long-term contracts. All you need give 30-days notice should you decide Phenix isn't right for you.
  • Full Time On-Site Manager Available. Phenix's Site Manager is on duty from 10am to 5pm from Tuesday through Saturday, tending to all the routine maintenance needs of the salon, as well as any other assistance you may require.
  • 24/7 Access. Your favorite client needs a coloring at 10pm?  No problem!  A bridal party needs six up-do's at 7am on a Saturday?  No problem!  You have access to your suite at all times so that you can run your business on your terms.
  • Sell Your Own Retail Products and Keep 100% of the Profits.
  • Suite Sharing at No Additional Cost. Want to share your suite - and the cost - with a friend?  You can do that, too!  And there is no extra charge.  Remember, it's your business!!

And Best of all, Phenix Salon Suites provides you with everything you need to take control of your career and open your own salon.  

They Provide the Essentials

Every suite is available pre-furnished at no extra charge.  For Hair Professionals, suites are furnished with the following:

  • Styling Chair

  • Wash Basin

  • Shampoo Chair

  • Rolling Station

  • Dryer

  • Mounted Cabinets

Call (424) 244-0274 or email Contact@PhenixGlendale.com to Learn More!

And if Glendale is not convient to where you live, don't worry because new Phenix Salon Suites are in the works! For more information & details visit: