Tracy Lundell
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Special Effects Artist / Prosthetics / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
Willing to Assist

I am a freelance Makeup and Makeup FX artist .Currently living in the Hollywood area. I have always had a passion for the creative and colorful and love to push my art to the next level. I grew up doing Mary Kay facials with my aunts and just fell in love with makeup, as I grew and my abilities advanced I began to get requests for Haloween, Proms, Birthdays etc. etc  From a passion and knack.... to a love and passion for the field and to create, and contort my clients till they are grinning from ear to ear!  .



Film/ TV/ Music video

Character FX / Design

Print/  Fashion / Bridal.

Theatrical/ Live show

  Custom Shade / Contouring

 Fantasy / Textures

 Appliance creation

 Prosthetics and Injury  

  Hair, Up do's, Alternative  


 I have 6 years as a freelance artist, and 12 years of practice/self learning with makeup, styles,and FX. Have done all day training workshops with Orlando Santiago, John Hennessey, Danika Patrick. Studied under Marcel Banks & Frank Ippolitto (Face off season 1) & Herby Gandy

I currently have worked on/for 

                                             People/ Organization                    Companies/ Studios                     Horror/ Event/ Student Film

Andretti Lott & Shawn Fletcher


KoolKamp Productions

Send out the Clown Web Series

Sun Laboritories


Red 14 Films

Cosmic Fem-Bott Event

Michael Benz Live


Jonz Journey Studios

Black Lake Haunted Asylum

Jeffery Dimmock


 No Slack Productions


Seattle Fashion Week


Spitting Distance Productions

Venom Energy Drinks

Jennifer Newberry


Foreground Background

American Gothic Magazine

Tacoma Fashion Association


Explore Talent

 TNT Leverage

Voyeur Dead


Extras Only

Transfixed FX

Lady Cadavers


Shadillac Productions

Sick & Twisted Fashion Show

Chuck D Clown


Seattle Film Institute

Playing With Fire Event

  • wardrobe styling
  • spray tanning
  • sculpting
  • on-air talent
  • mould making
  • light hair
  • hair cutting
  • hair colorist
  • eye lash extensions
  • character makeup
  • bridal makeup
  • bridal hair
  • body makeup
  • beard laying
  • avant guarde makeup
  • avant guarde hair styling
  • airbrush makeup