Shannon French
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Makeup Artist / Special Effects Artist / Prosthetics
Willing to Assist
I began my career by teaching myself the art of makeup while studying Cinematography at Cal State university Northridge. While self teaching, I worked on as many student films as I could to gain initial experience in the field of makeup. After college, I went on to receive a bit of formal training from Emmy award winning makeup artist, Brad Look. Brad lent me his expertise over the course of a year through occasional one on one lessons where we covered the basics of prosthetics, character makeup, wounds, aging and airbrushing.
Since my lessons with Brad, I have successfully gained some form of steady work within the entertainment industry for the past three years. My work has ranged from commercials with big name brands such as Capital One, Verizon Wireless, McDonald's and Samsung to shows on television networks such as 20th Century Fox, Food Network, Cartoon Network, Investigation Discovery Channel and MTV. Also, I have been a part of comedic web spots that have featured celebrities such as Jason Bateman, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Parnell, Jason Biggs, Seth Green, Cristina Ricci, Tony Hale and Clippers star player, Blake Griffin.
Currently, most of my work has been as an assistant or second but I have also held the position as Key on a few jobs. My goals are to continue to grow in my craft, meet new people who I can continue to learn from, create a more consistent, sustainable flow of work and to aspire to take my craft/experience ranking to the next level. I never want to stop learning and growing in my career!! I would love to find a way to keep this career which, I've worked so hard to build up to this point, positively moving forward and snowballing to the highest level it can reach. :)
  • character makeup
  • bridal makeup
  • avant guarde makeup