Rebecca McGillicuddy
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Special Effects Artist / Prosthetics / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
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With two decades of growth and success, Rebecca McGillicuddy is a talented makeup artist and perfectionist. In a profession where makeup artists are frequently behind-the-scenes focusing on one thing, Rebecca's versatility is an asset to any team.

Always thinking outside of the box, Rebecca enjoys bringing her creative edge to every project. Honored to receive the nickname "Mama Rebs," Rebecca is known to go out literally on a limb or tree branch to be sure of the safety of her clients. Working with interns and fellow colleagues, inspiring and encouraging them. While her passion and specialties continue to grow.
  • wardrobe styling
  • sculpting
  • on-air talent
  • mould making
  • hair cutting
  • hair colorist
  • ethetician/skin care
  • editorial hair
  • character makeup
  • bridal makeup
  • bridal hair
  • braiding
  • body makeup
  • beard laying
  • avant guarde makeup
  • avant guarde hair styling
  • airbrush makeup
  • african american hair styling