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Makeup Artist
have over years of experience in the beauty department as a freelance makeup artist with many major cosmetic products such as MAC, BOBBI BROWN, LANCOME, SEPHORA, MAKEUP FOREVER, ESTEE LAUDER AND MANY MORE…

I offer professional makeup services for all of your special events. As a Professional Makeup Artist my goal is to provide you with the best service for your special day or your upcoming events. I provide services throughout UNITED STATE, CANADA AND ANYWHERE MY SERVICES IS NEEDED EITHER IS JAPAN OR AFRICA AM READY TO WORK. I offer a wide range of make up services; please see my services page.

Some clients I have ever talked to has had a bad experience with makeup-whether her best friend or her mother convinced her to let her do your makeup for the prom or the special date she had. Or a “Makeup artist” at the “ATO Z Cosmetics” counter in the department store ambushed you into a makeover.

I remember mine–I was 14 and one of the make up artist at one of the better known cosmetic counters convinced me to have a make over. I was so much exited, so I let her do it. Twenty minutes later she stood back and admired her work and very proud. As she happily handed the mirror, I was shocked and horrified to see the bride of chunky staring back at me.

That was the day I made a promise to myself that when I will be a makeup artist to never let anyone leave my chair feeling like they needed to make a beeline to the nearest sink to get it all off. I make sure that before the brush touches your face that I know exactly what you want or if you trust me to do what I thing is beautiful on you, to make sure you are as happy and exited with the final result. And if there is something that you want to change, I am happy to do it because it’s your face, your event or your day; you know what you are comfortable with. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how great I thought you looked-you had to feel great about it.

My goal is to make you feel lovely, and happy you decided to get your makeup done. So….I has gone on and on, but I hope you’ve gotten a feel for how important is to me. I look forward to working with you. LET DO BEAUTY TOGETHER.

Best Regards. A Bientot.
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  • bridal makeup
  • airbrush makeup