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My name is Lauryn. I'm a makeup artist in the North Jersey tri-state area. I spend a lot of time working on sets for models and photographers as well as doing bridal makeup and special events. I take great pride in making people look and feel beautiful, and being the trusted person that a woman hires on the most special day of her life, I truly enjoy my art and am very passionate about it. So here's the story of how this all came to be..

When I was 17 I had my first photo shoot and I loved it. I knew at that moment, seeing the photographer set up his lens, the model sitting in my chair, my makeup and brushes spread out all over the tables, eye shadows and powders laying everywhere, that I wanted to wake up every day and do that. I wanted it to look like a tornado blew through a MAC store everywhere I went. My favorite projects are the ones where I have no creative limitations. I usually find that on the sets of photo shoots and theater work. I'm known to show up to a shoot with a box of supplies that would make even Lady GaGa quiver with excitement. In the photography side of my makeup career I'm usually hired by fearless photographers and models who are looking for me to physically create a wild idea or concept in the form of makeup. People in that industry trust my creativity and I usually have pretty satisfied clients at the end of the day. I feel that makeup truly brings an image to life, if its done correctly and an untamed imagination is involved.

Later on, I was inspired to attend Roman Academy of Beauty Culture, where I graduated and received my cosmetology license. I furthered my education by attending MAC pro classes, where I was trained by Luke B, a well known MAC makeup artist. After that, I was still waking up with an unsatisfied desire to do makeup every day so I got myself a job at a makeup counter. Was it well known? No. At that point in time jobs were hard to come buy so I turned by lemons into lemonade. By that, I mean it was an organic makeup counter, (probably really did involve some lemons) which NO ONE was interested in, inside of a quiet mall. Like I was saying, LEMONADE people! I made the best of it. I went in early in the mornings, did my own makeup using the cosmetics I was trying to sell (all about presentation, right?), stood in the isles, and offered people free make overs. Was I allowed to do that? No, I wasn't. You had to purchase something to get a makeover, and trust me that wasn't easy. I was the annoying person who would drag people out of the isles and beg them to let me do there makeup. Most of the time, after seeing how I did my makeup, they'd say yes. I had a dream to fulfill, I had an addiction to the way women marveled with excitement when they looked in the mirror when I was finished. I'm not sure, but I don't think that was about the cosmetics I was using, because honestly, they weren't very good. But I used my talent to make them work, for myself, and the wonderful customers who were kind enough let me talk them out of errand running on a crazy weekday afternoon. From there, I decided that it was time to do this for real. Since then I have been freelancing, working for brides, photographers, models; playhouses for theater work, you name it, and it involves makeup, I'll do it.

In the beginning of Spring 2009 I teamed up with Andrew B. Cooper, a well known hair stylist in the North Jersey/Tri-state area. He specializes in wedding hair styling, along with his many other talents in the hair industry. I often go along with him on events such as weddings and trials and provide makeup for his clients. Its been an honor to work beside him as his makeup artist and I'm proud to say I do. Andy has truly been a inspiration to my career and I am grateful to work beside such a talented professional in this industry.
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