Annette Davenport
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Special Effects Artist / Prosthetics / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
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Annette Davenport is a freelance makeup artist, hairstylist, and photographer. Her versatility has earned her experience in commercial print, film, video and television. Artistic passion since her early childhood has helped groom Annette into a self-taught makeup artist. Growing up in Los Angeles has given her the freedom to pursue many aspects of the fashion and beauty world. Working with top designers she oversaw photography, makeup and hair. Working with creative teams, Annette enjoyed sharing her ideas and vision. As she was developing and growing as an artist, Annette decided to transfer her expertise in fashion and photography into makeup design where she uses the same set of skills. She possesses a highly developed sense of color and rigor in line and composition. The common thread amongst these has been her unerring eye for details, impeccable execution, and the development of a unique and highly individual style.

Currently working as a Freelance Make Up Artist and Hairstylist Annette has the freedom to make her own schedule and is booking quickly. You can reach her further at GLISTENPHOTO@GMAIL.COM for booking inquiries as well as details regarding rates.

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