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Banner and Box Ad Rates

Small Advertisement Boxes
(on interior pages):

Dimensions: 125 x 125 pixels

$50    month
$135  quarterly
$510  year

Side Banner
(on interior pages)

Dimensions: 120 x 600 pixels

$175  month
$473  quarterly 
$1785 yearly


Side Ad Box
(on interior pages)

Dimensions: 300 x 250 pixles

$150    month
$ 620  quarterly
$1530  yearly

Side Ad Box
(on home page)

Dimensions: 300 x 250 pixles

$200  month
$540  quarterly
$2040 yearly

Top Banner Slide Box (on home page)

Dimensions: 546w x 318h pixles

$300  month
$810  quarterly
$3060 year
Graphics should be in JPG, gif, or animated gif formats. Please make sure that all the graphics submitted are in the dimensions specified. Additional charges will apply if you need assistance in creating the graphic.

Quarterly advertisements receive a 10% discount. Annual advertisements receive a 15% discount.


Create a 30 second commercial to run in our online talk show!


* Displayed on the home page of HMAN site
* Distrubuted throughout the Internet and played on multiple social networking websites
* Featured in our monthly wordpress such as Myspace, Facebook, and YouTube.
* Viewed by thousands of people monthly

* $350    monthly
* $1048  quarterly
* $3570  yearly

** Get thousands of viewers without DVR interruption


Product Video Tutorial

Feature your product on our website and educate thousands!

* $200    monthly
* $540    quarterly
* $2040  yearly

Sponsor A Video Tutorial


Feature Your Product in a 30 Commerical During One of Our Virtual Classroom Tutorials or Have Your Product Demonstrated By A Top Artist!

* $200    monthly
* $540    quarterly
* $2040  yearly

Advertising Your Workshops With US

  • Featured On Workshops & Seminars Page
  • Email Blast To Our Database of People
  • Email Blast To All Our Facebook Fans

Pricing Varies Upon Event
Call for pricing 323 913 9375

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$25  Month
$270 Year

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Michelle at 323 913 9375